Sealstrip + Slugbox IMG_0030Slug_Plug_Studio2 IMG_0031Slug_Plug_Studio2 IMG_0036Slug_Plug_Studio2 IMG_0041Slug_Plug_Studio2 IMG_9607Slug Plug SlugPlug_ProductShot2_web


Ultra compact and safe capsule system for tubless repair.



  • Pre-loadable
  • Seals to keep dust and debris out preventing plug contamination
  • Presta valve remover
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Optimized needle length with plug catcher
  • Ready to use and fully protected from the elements


  • Single kit: 5 x 1.5mm slugs / 5 x 3.5mm slugs
  • PDQ: 24 x Slugplug + Slugbox with 5 x 1.5mm slugs / 5 x 3.5mm slugs