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Since 1995 Ryder Cycling Accessories have delivered quality, performance and functionality.

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Once you have purchased your bike, the way to add to your riding enjoyment is to have accessories that work smoothly and perform their function correctly. We have achieved this by studying feedback from the many cyclists, both pro and amateur, as well Pro’s we sponsor, and by embracing every technology available to us.

Our product team go to the factories that produce accessories for most of the major top end accessory suppliers and purchase their in house designs. This ensures quality of the highest level but without the added design and royalty costs. Therefore these Ryder Cycling Accessories are of the same quality as products which sell at a much higher price.

Omnico, who own and distribute the brand in South Africa, ensure superb back up service. All Ryder products carry a Lifetime Guarantee, a risky statement to make for any consumer item, but we believe in the quality of our products and thus we can ensure that you, the cyclist, will get years of cycling enjoyment out of our Ryder Cycling Accessories.


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